Member of the Month

Member of the Month

Congratulations Jake Beach

"I originally joined oxigen because I wanted to lose my weight. I was sick of being 'the fat kid'. I was tired of being bullied and thought of as the kid for others to pick fights with. I just wanted to feel better about myself!

When I first started at Oxigen I went on the 6 week "Get Real, Get Results" program. The program made me start watching what was going into my mouth as I would write down all the foods I ate, which made me avoid fatty foods. This was originally hard for me as I work at McDonalds.

I then started to walk to the gym as well as train an hour a day, 5 days a week. I was following a prescribed weights and cardio program as well as a having a weekly personal training session. Since becoming a member and seeing the results I am booming with self confidence. I feel like a new man with so much more energy - it's great! I really enjoy shopping for new clothes and being able to wear them out in confidence. In total I have lost 32.2kg."

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